Marc & Fiona

1981 (he/him)
Artist, thinker, maker, hacker.

1978 (she/her)
Mother of two, tailoress, mediamatic.

Our goal is to travel sustainable and sharing good moments with good people.
We love nature, freedom, privacy, exchanging knowledge and visions, having discussions.

We both are skilled in handcrafts, sewing, welding, metalwork, mechanics,
woodwork, arts, multimedia, electronics, opensource software and linux
computers... all in all we love to build and create stuff.
We both eat only gluten-free and mostly vegan.

Madmax & Pauline

The frames are handmade by Mathias Scherer in Kleinblittersdorf (Germany) and should last a lifetime. We love our Garbaruk components, Infinity seats, Hope brakes, Chris King bearings, Son dynamos and Sinwave Usb converters.

There are many selfmade parts like bags (sewed in France and Spain), racks (rear racks found in the woods in Portugal and modified with hammer and saw) and custom bottle cages.

With some of our gear we are very happy, other stuff needed heavy modification or broke after a short time.
Nowadays you can not relay on a brands name or high price=quality.
We made bad experiences with lifetime warranty and warranty of some ridiculous high priced products. Its a shame for these big brands which only seem to feed their shareholders.

One day we will start selling reliable, handmade high-quality gear made by us and our experience.


Life is too short to keep running in the hamster wheel until you feel old.
Maybe the lockdown in 2020 let us realized that no one else is responsible to turn our dreams to reality.
We sold everything and left the country where people voted against clean drinking water and voted against sustainable agriculture. We started a nomads life in search of places where we can use our skills and energy for something sensefull.


You can reach us on following channels:

email&deltachat: marc brandisbrandisbrand com
signal: +351925858525
wa: +351961218077

Donations are welcome:

Iban (€ only!): GB27REVO00997077949372    Swift: REVOGB21
revolut: @brandisbrand
btc: bc1qpfljs02fmad7575fs2skjz5u02plzqw0g3xt6d


Switzerland ~130km
04. September - 06. September 2022

France ~1'800km
06. September - 06. October 2022

Spain ~2300km
06. October - 27. November 2022

Morocco & Westsahara ~ 2500km
27. November 2022 - 23. January 2023

Mauritania ~260km
23. January - 27. January 2023

Senegal ~1200km
27. January - 11. March 2023

Guinea ~600km
11. March - 26. March 2023

Transfer from Conakry to Morocco to Spain took us 36h (plane, bus, ferry)

Spain 2 ~340km
27. March - 03. April 2023

Portugal ~525km
03. April - 20. May 2023

Spain 3 ~497km
20. May - 01. June 2023

France 2 ~490km
01. June - 17. June 2023

Jersey ~69km
17. June - 18. June 2023

England & Wales ~383km
18. June - 28. June 2023

Ireland ~222km
28. June - 06. July 2023

France 3 ~128km
07. July - 19. July 2023

Belgium ~97km
19. July - 20. July 2023

Germany ~329km
20. July - 28. July 2023

Switzerland ~634km
28. July - 21. August 2023

Austria ~10km
21. August 2023

Italia ~577km
21. August - 02. September 2023

Slovenia ~30km
02. September - 04. September 2023

Croatia ~514km
04. September - 17. September 

Bosnia and Herzegovina ~
17.September - 25. September