We are a couple travelling by bicycle.
While most of our bikepacking gear is self-made,
people often ask us which brand this parts are and where to buy.

So we decided to make this website.

Our parts are handmade with passion.
Sustainability is something we care, a lot.

You can get these products when asking us, they will be custom hand-tailored for your needs.

That's it!

fiona & marc

Bialetti Espresso holder
Stainless Steel

Lunch box with cutting board
Stainless Steel & Wood

Shimano GRX 810/812/XTR Skull

Toptube Bag
Ripstop & Waxcloth

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Fork cages
Stainless Steel

and more stuff like:

Recycled Rain Jackets

Sleeping Inlay
Silk & Merino

All worlds lump

LED Lenser
USB-C charging adaptor (we hate proprietary stuff + extra cables)
DIY-Kit available or bring in and solder @brandisbrandisbrand

Mizu M15 Adventure Filter Hack
Create a water pump out of your water filter bottle

Nice looking 3d printed ahead case
DIY-Kit or bring in and rebuild @brandisbrandisbrand

Primus Gasoline Caps
3D Print files here


Here you will find soon menus.... 

1. Risotto Limone, the evergreen.
You need: 
- Risotto
- Onions
- Bouillon or Salt
- Lemon
- Yogurt or Creme
- Water


Write us an email or give us a call to order.
We accept IBAN, Paypal and Crypto payments.
Worldwide shipping via Swisspost or Pickup in Biel/Bienne.

Our visit our local distributor: Velomario, Flurstrasse 33, 3014 Bern